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Reference: Blokhus

FMT LED lamp in Blokhus

FMT - Nipple lamp. The LED lamp has a bamboo image and a modern stylish design. The lamp offers efficient work-friendly light, warm reading light and cozy lighting in two tones. The nipple is equipped with a rechargeable battery and a USB cable

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Reference: Rebild

FMT LED lamp Rebild

FMT LED lamp Rebild The Rebild LED lamp is a classically designed LED lamp with 4 different mounting options. Waterproof Rebild flame lamp creates cozy atmosphere with realistic flame light. The lamp is designed for outdoor use. The lamp must be charged and a USB cable is included.

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Reference: 1518000

Mestic air conditioner RTA-2600

Wherever you are, you can enjoy a pleasant climate in your car thanks to the Mestic roof air conditioner. With this air conditioner will reach the perfect temperature for your motorhome or caravan in no time. This air conditioner not only cools your vehicle, but can also function as a heater and dehumidifier! Always a pleasant internal temperature: roof...

Price €1,860.00
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Reference: T01-20A

Brand: Fiamma

Fiamma Carry-Bike Pro. Black

Round aluminum tubes with 15 μm anodization. Double reinforced rails. Bump and vibration absorbing structure. Holds all types of bikes firmly in place. Stainless screws and nuts for best life. Information Maximum load: 60 kg Weight: 8.4 kg

Price €372.00
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