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Control panel Alde 3020 HE series, black


Control panel Alde 3020 HE series, black

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The panel's 3.5-inch TFT touch screen makes it easy to navigate between different functions.

The screen resolution ensures a clear picture in both daylight and darkness.

The control panel also has a user-friendly interface with clear color menus.

The Alde Compact 3020 HE can be connected to most Truma AC models * and thus offers full air conditioning.

The accessory circuit board (part number 3020023) allows the control of moniern functions from the panel, such as the underfloor heating pump, fan coil and heat exchanger.

You can also connect a CuoControl bottle changer and control the Alde Flow.

The control panel is divided into three menu categories:

Standby display. The time and temperature as well as all devices connected to the Compact 3020 HE are displayed here.

Main menu. Here you define the basic heating settings: desired temperature, additional hot water and energy selection, e.g.

Settings menu. Here you can adjust and connect additional functions to the Compact 3020 HE.

Dimensions: 97 × 86 mm.

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