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Reference: K34-40

Brand: Dometic

Dometic S4 window, 1200 x 700 mm

Features: Double acrylic glass and polyurethane frame for excellent insulation Fixed aluminum-coated blackout curtain A handy mosquito net keeps insects away Quick and easy installation Stepless adjustment hinges allow you to open to any position (top-mounted models) Glass: Gray Inner frame: Cream white Width, inside dimension: 1200 mm Height, inside...

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We are a small family company. It all started a little while ago by purchasing and restoring one auto caravan. After restoring one vehicle we came up a conclusion that this is exactly what we always wanted to do. So we decided to start our own little business. At the moment we are offering all sort of extras to your caravans, motor homes. We also doing some service works and we can install new equipment or extras to your motor home or caravan. We are located in Pärnu, Estonia. Please feel free to contact us. We are sure we can offer everything you would possibly need. 

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